In order to be eligible to become a player within all levels of Team Sunderland you must have a full and active membership as either a University of Sunderland Student in the same Sport, or a full and active membership as part of the main registered club 'Sunderland City Sports Club'.

Membership Information for all programmes - The membership structure is split into each relevant age caterogory and sport/level (detailed below).  Members must join the programme relevant to them.  All players must pay a joining fee, and then maintain monthly subs.  Joining and monthly fees are fixed, and do not change according to when your membership starts.  Costs are based around a 10 month programme operating from August 2017.  Monthly costs are spread evenly over this period and must be paid via the secure subscription payment portal along with Joining Fees.  

2014/15 Memberships
Visit your chosen sport and programme to join online

Minis (7-11 Year Olds)
Joining Fee £16.00
Monthly Subs - £8.00

Juniors (12-16 Year Olds)
Joining Fee £16.00
Monthly Subs - £10.00

Seniors (16+ or approved younger players)
Academy Programme (Netball and Regional Basketball teams only)

Joining Fee £25.00
Monthly Subs - £18.00

Senior Performance/National League (Mens Basketball, Mens and Womens Volleyball)
Joining Fee £25.00
Monthly Subs - £24.00

Terms and Conditions related to the above memberships can be viewed here.